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Enterprise mission: to scale the heights of the spirit, technology leadership as the goal for the Chinese people's livelihood and health equipment business efforts and services.
Business philosophy: green, reduce energy section of the product with the same love and dedication to the idea of the crowd, allow access to growth, wealth and happiness.
Corporate values: integrity: honesty and trustworthiness conduct innovation: sustainable and innovative thinking is responsible for: for the spirit of responsibility
      Forgiveness: broad-minded people forgive a few of integrity: integrity win selfless state of mind: the pattern of supply cooperation
Vision: 2011 into the ranks of the national high-tech enterprises
     2014 sales over a hundred million
Panfeng style: everything to the first goal, convinced that together we can do anything.
Philosophy: the most effort harder, more carefully than the best intentions.
Team concept: a pair of chopsticks is broken gently, ten pairs of chopsticks firmly holds together.
Saving idea: to make the revenue of the province is net profit.
Investment philosophy: strategy where money invested in where.
Marketing concept: not for the interests of promoting products, but really to help others.
Service concept: love-oriented, needs-centered.
Quality concept: standard decision level, character decision products.
Brand concept: knows how to protect brands, like to maintain their dignity.
Competition philosophy: There is no best, only better.
Action Idea: everything should take the initiative, only passive beaten.
Corporate philosophy: Life is no failure, only to give up in advance.
Survival concept: win the good times, to redouble their efforts adversity.
Implementation of the concept: no conditions, no excuses, nothing is impossible.
Employing the concept: talents best and most expensive mediocre talent.
Salary philosophy: There is no achievement without remuneration, no remuneration is the outcome of shame.
Growth concept: no unfair treatment, only unfair capability; no unfair ability, learning only unfair.
Promotion concept: no successors can not be promoted, in order to have a successor must be promoted.
Man concept: heart touching people go, near the heart of nearly all persons.
Welcome philosophy: Customer is the star of the market is superior.

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